The company is renowned for bringing together multiple popular sports events and offers thousands of games each month.

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Professional actuaries and analyst teams that bring reasonable odds to the platform.


Watching your favorite sports team get into the action live is one of the best feelings on earth. Not only can you get together with fans from all across the globe and root for the success of a team, but you also get to watch each player try with might and determination to score their way to success. You feel the fiery passion burning inside your chest. But the thrill doesn’t stop here. To add to the fun, sports enthusiasts engage in sports betting.


Sports betting is a form of gambling that involves placing a bet on the outcome of a sporting event. For example, you bet on Team A to be the winner of a football match. In this instance, a football match is a sporting event, and the outcome you are backing is Team A to be the champion of the football match. If the outcome you bet on comes to pass, you win money.


Players enjoy sports betting because of the entertainment value it brings. On top of the excitement of watching a sports event unfold in real-time, you can bring the adrenaline up a notch because there is money on the line. You also get rewarded for having the skills and knowledge to make accurate judgments and predictions. The best place to kickstart your sports betting journey is at 9KING.


9KING offers a variety of sports betting games for you. Some of which are football (major leagues included), basketball, tennis, golf, car racing, motorcycle racing, boxing, baseball, ice hockey, cricket, American football, Australia football, table tennis, badminton, greyhound racing, horse racing, track and field, swimming, and plenty more. Video game enthusiasts are in for a treat too. 9KING offers Esports betting for renowned video games. In addition to the many sports game offered, 9KING also provides a wide range of types of wagers, so you can have more options and different means of obtaining different payout rates. The types of wagers 9KING offer include: win bet/money line wager, point spreads, handicap, totals/over-under, prop bets/specials, futures/outrights, parlays/accumulators, correct score, progressive parlays, full cover bets, winning margin, outright, and many more.


Unlike in the older days, sports betting is now available online, all thanks to the advancement of technology. 9KING also collaborates with other prominent sports and Esports betting game rooms to cater to your demand, as well as the players’. To give you and the players the best betting experience, 9KING works with sports betting game rooms that share the same vision and quality. On that premise, the game rooms that you can participate in are the iBC SPORT game room, IMSB Sports game room, and ESPORT game room. The iBC SPORT game room has an assortment of sports events, which includes tournaments and matches from major leagues, some of which that only take place during a fixed period, such as FIFA, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, Major League Soccer, the English Premier League (EPL), the Olympic Games, and many more. There is an announcement panel on the top of the betting page that lets you know the results of a tournament or match in real-time. With this feature, you can have a clear idea of how well a team is performing, and adjust your betting strategy accordingly to maximize your return of investment. On the other hand, the ESPORT game room specializes in Esports betting (competitive video gaming). Some of the tournaments offered by the ESPORT game room are League of Legends (LOL), Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), Call of Duty (COD), Overwatch, Fortnite, and the likes.


9KING understands the dire consequences of choosing a wrong and unsafe sports betting platform can lead to. That is why 9KING only works with the most reliable and trusted platforms, so you and other players alike can sports bet in a safe environment and have the most optimum experience. The best online sports betting platform 9KING works with currently are Maxbet (an upgraded version of iBCBet) and INPLAYMATRIX.


Offering one of the highest odds in Asia, Maxbet also has the quickest method for you to place your sports bet in a safe and secure environment with a 128-bit encryption technology, created and supervised by a professional IT team.Maxbet offers up to 6000 free live sports events streaming every month too.

Maxbet has three types of sports game:

1. Sports betting

  • It has no complicated betting process. Any bets can be placed instantly.
  • You can choose from several betting types, such as over/under, odd/even, full time/half time, handicap, tournament winner, score cast, correct score, treble, and first goal scorer/last goal scorer.

There are many popular sports available for you to bet on, like volleyball, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, and more.

2. Virtual sports

  • You bet on virtual games (an electronically generated version of sports matches) instead of live matches.
  • You can bet on a variety of virtual sports, like football, horse racing, and more.
  • It has no complicated betting process. Any bets can be placed instantly.
  • A sure win in under three minutes.
  • Virtual sports betting services are available every day, every hour.


  • It is the fastest KENO game on the internet, with each new game taking place in every 45 seconds.
  • It provides high winning chances.


Dubbed the leading sports betting platform, INPLAYMATRIX was awarded the Most Innovative Sports Betting Platform of the Year in 2012 by E-Gaming Review. Other than providing you with the latest major sports events across the globe, varied gameplay of international standards and a unique handicap betting method that is only available in Asia, INPLAYMATRIX has built the fastest in-site instant bet settlement function, which allows you to retrieve your payout as soon as the first half of a sports match is over. The games available for Esports betting consist of mainstream and popular games such as King of Glory, Free Fire, Arena of Valor, League of Legends (LoL), and so on. You can bet on up to ten games concurrently. Besides that, INPLAYMATRIX gives real-time battle status and analysis of all competing teams and the events regularly. This can help you better understand the condition of the team you have your eye on, and adjust your betting strategy. There are several languages and currencies that you can use while sports betting in INPLAYMATRIX. The speed of streaming for all live sports events is impeccable, it has surpassed all sports betting platform in the Asian market. Whether you are an avid sports fan or are simply trying out new online casino games, 9KING has all that you need and more. Search no further, try 9KING now!


Yes, online sports betting is safe, provided that you sports bet in a reputable platform. 9KING is a licensed online gaming platform and only collaborates with other legitimate online game providers and developers.

To place bets in an online sports betting platform, you must first create an account with your preferred online gaming platform. Upon submitting the necessary information, you can proceed to select your preferred sports betting game room offered by the gaming platform.

Once in a game room, you can browse through the sports events offered. From there, you can choose any sports matches and tournaments you would like to bet on.

Yes, to meet the demands of players, online game companies in the Malaysian market are currently offering sports betting to satisfy all players at once.

For Malaysian players who love sports betting, selecting a trusted platform is extremely important. We recommend players to bet on a reliable and honest online sports betting platform. Here are some sports betting platforms with good reputation in the Malaysian market.

The best online online sports betting platform in Malaysia: 

  • Maxbet (iBC) – The highest odds in Asia, offering a variety of betting games
  • IMSB – Reputable and has all kinds of popular sports activities
  • Legend- offers the most complete betting sports events
  • Sbobet – Sophisticated interface

Online sports betting platform offers a wide range of sports betting options including football, basketball, tennis, ice hockey, badminton, and many other popular live sports events to meet the gaming needs of sports betting players. E-sports betting events are also very popular among players!

On top of selecting an online sports betting site that fits your preferences and requirements, you should also select a platform:

A) that is reliable and trustworthy.

B) that has a proven track record.

C) that is licensed and regulated by a third party. It also needs to be an online platform that is operating legally.

D) that accepts players from different regions.

The 9KING online gaming platform fulfills all of the criteria above.

Sports betting online is the best alternative, and many players from all over the world are opting to make bets online. Here are the reasons why:

A) It is very convenient and fast to place bets.

B) There are many options for us to choose from, and you can bet on almost all sports events.

C) There are a variety of different types of wagers to choose from.

D) Online odds and lines are better than conventional betting platforms.

E) Bonuses and rewards are more accessible.

The 9KING online gaming platform fulfills all of the criteria above.